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Candy K
Weigth Loss 69 LBS***
Owner of Curves,
Lake Arrowhead, CA

"During my 30 minute workouts on the Curves circuit, I get to leave everything else behind and focus on me. It is a treat for my mind, body and spirit."

  • Candy K
“During my 30 minute workouts on the Curves circuit, I get to leave everything else behind and focus on me. It is a treat for my mind, body and spirit.”#CurvesStrong



My struggles with weight began in my late twenties. A few years later when I moved to a new town, I found myself turning to food for comfort and my weight climbed to an all-time high of 200 pounds. My wakeup call came when my 5-year old daughter drew a stick figure of me wearing a giant muumuu. After looking at her picture, I knew it was time to make some healthy changes to feel better about myself. I’d seen a Curves Club in my area and decided to give it a try. Right from the first visit, I loved the camaraderie among the regular members and staff, and felt the 30-minute circuit would work with my schedule. I signed up for a membership on the spot and soon after joined Curves Complete to help me learn healthy eating habits and lose weight***. I didn’t want to overhaul my entire lifestyle. I knew I would have greater success by making small changes that would stick. I started by ordering a side of vegetables instead of fries with my favorite burger and eventually I started craving more fresh food and less junk. I recorded weight loss triumphs in a journal. It helped put setbacks in perspective and served as a reminder of how far I’d come. I became a regular at my Curves Club and relied on the support and encouragement from my coaches and the other club members to stick to my healthy lifestyle. If I was craving sweets and was about to overdo it on dessert, I’d call or text one of them. The quick tips I’d received such as, sprinkle cinnamon on apple slices!’ were more than enough to keep me on track. It was comforting to know that encouragement was always close at hand. I lost 69lbs*** and felt stronger and more confident than I had in a long time. After losing weight, I decided to open my own Curves. It is so rewarding to have the opportunity to bring women together in a supportive environment to improve their fitness, gain strength, manage their weight and build their confidence.

  • Kim T
“I am now a stronger, more powerful me. I wish this for every woman out there.” #CurvesStrong



I walked into the Tillsonburg Curves for the first time knowing that I was ready to make a change. I’d been so busy taking care of the needs of my family, that I was a becoming a distant memory of who I was. I was overweight and a couch potato. My excess weight was physically hard on me and I suffered with pain in my knees, which made it difficult to walk and to keep up with my active teenage daughters.

The first time I tried the Curves circuit, I was nervous and worried that I would not be able to do it. I admit it was difficult for me at first and I was tired, but I resolved to keep going. I went to Curves 4 times a week and slowly but surely my endurance, breathing and fitness level kept improving. The more I worked out on the circuit, the more I felt stronger and more powerful than before and capable of achieving anything. The Curves circuit is a great way to not only strengthen your body, but I found it also to be a great stress reliever. The Curves’ coaches make it fun and encourage us to put our best into each workout and to challenge ourselves. Even today as a seasoned member, the coaches make sure that I am using good form to get the most out of the 30 minute circuit. After every workout I feel more empowered. I am so glad that I took this chance for myself.

I learned so much by following the Curves Complete program. Using the tools provided kept me going and wanting to succeed. The meal plans, with the use of exchanges, were the key. They were easy to use. I learned how to eat healthy and live my life. The motivational videos were inspiring. Every week I was always eager to get to the next one. My favorite part was to review one and then go for a walk afterwards and focus on what was said. It became a special time for self-awareness.

Joining Curves has made a huge difference in my life. I love going there and working out with other members and the coaches. At every visit I am inspired and encouraged. I have rediscovered myself and I like who’ve I have found! I lost 48lbs. and 50.5 inches.*** I’ve gone from a size 12 to an astounding size 4 and can now share clothes with my daughters.*** One of my daughters has also joined Curves so we get to work out together too. Not only do I look and feel younger, I am more confident in my abilities to take on new challenges and to succeed at them. I ran my first 5K this year and it won’t be my last. Just to prove to myself how far I have come, I went back to my high school track to run a mile. As I did it with ease, I remembered the agony I felt when I was a teenager and I had to run a mile to pass gym class. Each lap seemed endless as I counted them down barely making it to the finish. Here I am in my forties and in the best shape of my life. I am so proud of myself for what I have achieved. I would tell anyone wanting to join a gym that Curves is the way to go, as it can work in a busy lifestyle that includes a full time job and a family with kids.

Thank you Curves I am truly blessed.

  • Kathy S.
“I went to my doctor’s office looking for a “magic energy bullet”, but I found that “magic bullet” at Curves. #CurvesStrong



My issues with weight started after I had my children. Like many other moms, I found myself taking care of the needs of my family first and mine always second. I love to eat and that combined with little or no physical activity, caused the weight to pile on and my energy level to be at an all- time low. I actually made an appointment with my doctor to see if he could prescribe a “magic bullet” to boost my energy, only to be told that I needed to lose weight and be more active. I was concerned about my health as I have a family history of high blood pressure and high cholesterol and was already taking medication for these problems. I knew that it was time to make some changes and make my health and well-being a priority.

I heard about Curves from my sister-in-law who told me that she enjoyed going and was having good results. I first joined Curves Fitness to boost my activity and then added Curves Complete to lose weight. Each 30 minute session of circuit training went by fast as the Curves coach encouraged the class to challenge ourselves, and kept us in good form. I loved the fact that the level of exercise can be personalized as you control the intensity and I could increases it as my strength and endurance improved. The circuit training has not only helped me with my weight loss but I was becoming more toned and fit and started to see some muscle definition.** I also began meeting once a week with my Curves Complete Coach and learned to make healthier choices on a daily basis. She helped me to manage my hunger and to eat the right kind of foods during the day to keep me feeling energized throughout the day. I had so many menu options that I enjoyed, that I didn’t feel deprived. I am happy and proud to say while eating healthier, I lost a total of 54 lbs. on Curves Fitness** and Curves Complete***.

Joining Curves was the “magic bullet” I was looking for, and my energy level feels supersized as a result. It is one of the best lifestyle changes I have ever made. My life is better physically and mentally. I am now able to take long walks with my husband and can keep up with his fast pace. I also participate in an annual 5K run. My weight loss has made me feel and look younger which has increased my self- esteem. Best of all, I have been able to get off my medication for blood pressure and cholesterol thanks to my weight loss and improved fitness.

I want to thank my knowledgeable and dedicated Curves’ Coaching Team who supported, encouraged and held me accountable to stay on track to success. And I do mean team—because they all work together encouraging each member to do what it takes to meet your set goals. I couldn’t ask more from this wonderful program which is a perfect fit for me.